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Tara Johnson

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Tara Johnson is the Owner of Alive Coaching and Wellness where she is a Life/Wellness Coach and Mental Health Advocate for women. Her mission and passion is found in encouraging, uplifting and walking alongside women to Actively Live in Victory and Empowerment. Her main areas of focus include mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Tara is also a Licensed Respiratory Therapist and incorporates her clinical skills for deep breathing, relaxation and quality sleep techniques to assist with anxiety or every day stressors.  As a healthcare provider, she firmly believes in caring for yourself in all areas of your life. Tara Johnson is also the host of She Walks Podcast and a co-author for Soulful Affirmations. Tara still finds her greatest joy in being a wife and mother to her two daughters. She strives to be a beacon of light to her family, church and community.

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